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Anglia Quality Meat

AQM aim is to offer the most up to date and unique concepts to aid our members’ livestock business’s now and into the future.

Currently available to Members of AQM are:

  • General Advice on all aspects of store and finished stock selection
  • Breeding stock selection for all areas of livestock
  • Advice and support for installation and use of EID hardware
  • A personal service to install and help implantation of Farm Management Software
  • Finance – AQM has close links with many areas of the finance sector and can facilitate a means of easing cash flow requirements particularly with new ventures and within business expansion plans.
  • Nutrition – Advice and help to ensure the correct diets for cattle sheep or pigs, to meet the demands of least cost production and to achieve a carcase to yield the best return. This is accomplished by close relationships with the best in nutrition.