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Anglia Quality Meat

pigs-06Recent years have seen the UK’s pig agri-business move from one of local supply to global commodity. AQM with its unique range of services and products delivers the opportunity for producers both large and small to engage at whatever level suits their own individual business whilst combining the strengths that working together naturally brings. Working closely with selected customers AQM can offer pig producers supply chain opportunities throughout the UK from small local outlets to multi-national companies. Helping producers manage their business by maximising sales values and reducing costs where possible allowing AQM to add value to producers’ returns and build sustainable and secure relationships.

Quick return of information and analysis of weights and grades to help producers stay in touch with the husbandry and management of their units can be delivered with AQM IT solutions, as well as providing a full range of marketing for all classes of pigs, AQM can advise and facilitate depopulation and repopulation of pig units with high class breeding stock.