Shearwell Stock Recorder

£1,580.00 excl. VAT

Shearwell Stock Recorder Excellent management tool for sheep & cattle
Two tools in one! Tag reader and data entry Download to PC and run reports. Simple touch screen operation. Simple to use and robust (survives 6’ /1.8m drops) • Touch Screen – easy to navigate • Alphanumeric keypad for ease of use • Holds up to 500,000 animals • Supplied with an internal reader • Link by Bluetooth to weigh heads, race readers, stick readers and mobile printers • Versatile – can be used to record electronically or manually • The Stock Recorder is hard wearing and is protected totally against dust and low-pressure jets of water sprayed from all directions • Colour Screen - Its colour display provides improved graphics capability, allowing use in most lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. • Windows based • Rechargeable battery • Ability to charge two batteries simultaneously • Excellent support

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