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Livestock Marketing, Sales and Services

Those involved in the livestock industry need a partner who can handle the logistics of bringing the stock to the market. With over 50 years of experience in the livestock marketing business, the Anglia Quality Meat Association has the knowledge and expertise to help livestock producers develop.


Over the years, we have built a firm reputation for expert and efficient services when it comes to marketing and selling livestock. We have built an extensive range of partnerships with industry leaders and can provide advice on many of the challenges encountered by modern livestock producers. Take a look at our services below to find out more about what we offer.

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Marketing

Livestock Marketing

Here at AQM, we offer highly knowledgeable and personalised marketing services for your livestock. Our experienced team members are on hand to visit your farm and inspect your stock. Our fieldsmen are highly professional and will make sure that select animals will go to the best possible outlet. We have ongoing relationships with abattoirs across the UK, and our livestock systems are designed to ensure that all stock is moved as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. With our help, you will have peace of mind knowing that all marketing processes are handled professionally, and we will discuss and communicate with you throughout the entire process.

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Sales

Livestock Sales

We understand that selecting suitable livestock to bring to your farm can be a difficult decision. And with the added risk of disease and biosecurity issues, it is no wonder that many in the livestock industry find this process stressful.
Let our experienced team members help you find the very best livestock for your needs. We personally collect animals from farms and deliver them directly to the customer. Our team ensures that all biosecurity measures are maintained to the highest level and that all animal welfare standards are fully enforced.

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Analysis

Livestock Analysis

We have developed professional relationships with processors throughout the supply chain. As such, we are proud of our ability to be able to find the right animals and send them to the best outlets. Our aim is to ensure customers get the maximum returns for their investment, and we continuously monitor prices and trends within the livestock industry so that we can provide the best advice. We invite you to explore our livestock analysis section to find out more about current trends for different livestock options, as well as their influencing factors.

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Analysis


AQM+ is an exciting new concept for the livestock producer, it provides a supported technical livestock management package that is tailored to the individuality of each farm empowering the livestock producer to manage their livestock efficiently and effectively, helping improve performance, productivity, and profitability. AQM+ creates an integration between all aspects of the supply chain, drawing in the expertise from specialists in all areas of production throughout the animal’s lifetime to ensure that high levels of performance are maintained and benchmarked

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Analysis

AQM Connect

AQM Connect is a new subscription service, developed to bring the best of what we’ve been doing since 1964 into a modern format for our members, reinventing the livestock co-operative for the next 60 years. Through innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, AQM Connect tackles the everyday challenges you face.

Ready to take your livestock operation to the next level? Learn more about AQM Connect today and take advantage of our Early Bird Offer.

The AQM shop is now open for business and offers a range of products that have come recommended and thoroughly tested by our customers, these products and services are selected to be of importance and use to all aspects of livestock farming

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AQM are like family, in difficult times, I know I can rely on them for help

David R. Jones, Suffolk

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