Agri Brokers

Agriculture Insurance Brokers is part of the Saffron Insurance Group which has been providing peace of mind to the people of East Anglia since 1954. Over time we have cultivated a dedicated team of experts with specialist knowledge of Farming, Agriculture and Equine business with a firm focus on providing tailored insurance advice and exceptional service. Protecting your livestock against the right perils is important whether you insure whole herds or specified animals. Cover can be arranged for loss, destruction, damage, death, injury, illness and disease. We also can arrange the following important covers: Sheep worrying – protecting your sheep against injury and distress caused by uncontrolled dogs. Fertility guarantee – loss arising out of the guarantee of fertility loss of use (infertility) – where a specified animal becomes permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of service. Disease – protecting your livestock against contracting a serious or fatal illness that c

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