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Anglia Quality Meat

AQM is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Water Treatment Specialists IWS. This joint venture brings in to the market a tried and tested Water Treatment System that has been used extensively in the poultry sector and other areas of industry to clean and disinfect all types of water.

With margins constantly tightening we are always looking for ways to try and help our customers strive for ways to lower their cost of production and we felt that quality of water is a much overlooked area, a fact which seems to have become a recent focus in industry press too. The logic of providing clean, bacteria free water to all of your livestock has to be of benefit, if we can have a positive influence on an animals feed conversion, and in turn increase growth rates or a reduction in a units mortality we can help our customers continue to develop.

Ximax is the manufacturer of a highly effective, patented water treatment solution called Xziox – which is a tried and tested, high quality solution for water issues within the farming and food production industry. Ximax provides bacterial control for all water sources such as reservoir, river, borehole and mains. Mixing the 2 chemical components of Xziox together every 30 days, you can walk away and forget about the system without any of the usual adverse effects associated with bacterial control.

Xziox is most effective being used as a constant dosing product; this way it reduces bacteria, fungi, and algae together with eliminating biofilm in pipe work and tanks. It steadily breaks down the biofilm in the lines and therefore destroys the habitat in which bacteria grows. As it also kills any bacteria within the incoming water source, it keeps the whole water system free of infection, and gives the very best to your livestock.

If you would like to arrange for a site visit to discuss your requirements and find out how a Xziox system will benefit you please get in touch with AQM on 01763 241222 or email water@aqm.co.uk