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Discover how AQM+ has empowered livestock farmers in our network.  

Somerset Farm East Anglia Ltd

Using AQM+ has completely changed the way we market our cattle, AQM’s team fully integrate with our on-farm team and cattle progression is closely monitored and openly discussed at regular intervals.

With AQM+ being cloud based I can discuss selection details without them being on-farm and these decisions can be processed in real-time. Slaughter data is uploaded directly to my farm records, and performance is analysed and discussed this often highlights any areas for improvement and when relevant shared with our Vet or Nutritionist. I still have regular farm visits from AQM to physically look at the cattle which is important with the different breeds, and types we have on-farm, as the data doesn’t always tell the whole picture.

By looking at the information we have to hand we have been able to reduce the number of days on-farm for the cattle, which in turn has helped us improve on the consistency of selection and means we have been able to increase the number of slaughters we have throughout the year.

C M Morley & Partners

The reintroduction of livestock to our arable rotation has been a carefully planned and thought-out process. Our arable soils here in East Anglia over time have become tired, less consistently productive and less resilient to climatic pressures.  By grazing cattle and sheep within the rotation we are increasing biodiversity, enhancing nutritional cycling and reducing our consumption and reliance on ever more expensive artificial inputs. The farm and soils feel more alive and are already functioning better since the reintroduction of livestock.

The support from the AQM+ team has been invaluable as we’ve set up the livestock enterprise and their knowledge and analytical software has helped us gain the most from the system. 


Since Somerset Farm East Anglia started using AQM+ and recording data, along with advice from the team, this has helped influence an over 9% increase in our average deadweight for the 2000 cattle we sent for slaughter and through monitoring our Kill Out % we were advised to switch abattoirs which increased our carcase weight by 1.29%.

C M Morley & Partners chose AQM+ so that they could record performance data and make sure that their animals could reach their full potential, not to mention help monitor their grazing management.

Portrait Image of Rob Moore

With AQM+ being cloud based, I can discuss selection details without them being on-farm and these decisions can be processed in real-time.

Rob Moore, Somerset Farm East Anglia Ltd

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