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A new service & farm management software platform to empower livestock farmers

Put the control of your farm back into your hands.

What we do

AQM+ is an exciting new concept for the livestock producer, it provides a supported technical livestock management package that is tailored to the individuality of each farm empowering the livestock producer to manage their livestock efficiently and effectively, helping improve performance, productivity, and profitability.

AQM+ will help any size of livestock enterprise deal with the increasing demand for record keeping and the challenges being faced producing livestock to meet with consumers demands. AQM+ creates an integration between all aspects of the supply chain, drawing in the expertise from specialists in all areas of production throughout the animal’s lifetime to ensure that high levels of performance are maintained and benchmarked.

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First case study
Somerset Farm East Anglia Ltd,Using AQM+ has completely changed the way we market our cattle, AQM’s team fully integrate with our on-farm team and cattle progression is closely monitored and openly discussed at regular intervals. With AQM+ being cloud based I can discuss selection details without them being on-farm and these decisions can be processed in real-time. Slaughter data is uploaded...
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The support from the AQM+ team has been invaluable as we’ve set up the livestock enterprise and their knowledge and analytical software has helped us gain the most from the system. 

Mike Morley & Tom Rouse, C M Morley & Partners

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