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With a range of services to help support your livestock marketingsales and analysis, we are here to help! 

We have built an extensive range of partnerships over the years, with industry leaders who, together, can provide advice on lot of different challenges that come up in this industry. 

Take a look at our services below and contact us today.

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Marketing

Livestock Marketing

Here at AQM we provide a highly personalised and knowledgeable livestock marketing service for your cattle, sheep, and pigs. One of our skilled fieldsmen can visit the farm's stock to ensure that the right animals are sent to the best possible outlet. We work with abattoirs across the country to move and place your stock as efficiently as possible, ensuring the welfare of the animals and that...

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Sales

Livestock Sales

Selecting livestock to bring on to your farm is a complicated decision for anyone to make, with increased risks from Biosecurity and disease. Through our experience, we can help source and provide the right type of animal to suit individual requirements. Animals are collected directly from the farm and delivered to the customer, ensuring that the highest levels of biosecurity are maintained...

Learn how Anglia Quality Meats can help you with Livestock Analysis

Livestock Analysis

AQM have relationships with the majority of processors throughout the supply chain, we pride ourselves on being able to place the right animals to the right outlet to try and maximise our customers prices, we do this by monitoring prices and trends within the industry. Have a look at our livestock analysis section to see what current trends are for the different species and some of their...

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