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Active Farm Solutions have a simple ethos, to provide you with the devices to take the management and protection of your site or facility seriously. Our systems are easy to install and provide remote site management of assets, access ways, fences, doors, and staff members. Real time visibility of all movements on and off the site ensure that every item of value can be accounted for.

The Active Farm Solutions system works in a unique way –

Utilising the national Orion Data Network which is a system of active Radio Frequency Identification and GPS technologies combined with tags, gateways and IoT-enabled sensors. The covert, weatherproof tags attach to vehicles, equipment, gates, fencing and walls, with specially designed collars and boluses for livestock. The gateway plugs into your farmhouse for network coverage of 5km, giving you real-time data feedback and instant alerts on the status of your entire farm.

When any Active Farm Solutions sensor is trigged it will send a text message directly up to 6 different mobile numbers and email addresses. These are time stamped and the device which triggers the alert is identified.

The Active Farm Solution’s software allows for the individual to manage their alert schedules for all devices separately ensuring that you can control the times when you do and don’t want to receive these notifications, Battery life for all sensors is between 3 – 4 years and are easily replaceable.

AFS 2020
Active Farm Solutions 100m Lightbeam Sensor
AFS 100m Lightbeam Sensor
£560.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Farm Solutions Autosteer Unit Motion Activated GPS & GSM Tracker
AFS Autosteer Unit Motion Activated GPS & GSM Tracker
Active Farm Solutions BB5 Motion Activated GPS & GSM Tracker
AFS BB5 Motion Activated GPS & GSM Tracker
Active Farm Solutions Beacon
AFS Beacon
Active Farm Solutions CCTV Cameras
Active Farm Solutions Gate or Door Switch
AFS Gate or Door Switch
£200.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Farm Solutions GPS Cattle Collar
AFS Cattle Collar
Active Farm Solutions Internal Door or Window switch
AFS Internal Door or Window switch
£175.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Farm Solutions Motion Activated Tracker BB3
AFS Motion Activated Tracker
£225.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Farm Solutions PIR Movement Sensor
AFS PIR Movement Sensor
£250.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Farm Solutions Siren
AFS Siren
Active Farm Solutions Smart Fire & Smoke Alarm
AFS Smart Fire & Smoke Alarm
£150.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Farm Solutions Starter system
The Active Farm Solutions Hub once installed will create a 5 km “bubble” over your farm.
£885.00 (Ex VAT)
Active Herd Cattle Bolus
Active Herd Cattle Bolus

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