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Discover the benefits of AQM+ 

A new era for livestock producers allowing you to get back out to the farm, knowing you have a trusted team behind you supporting your needs.

What is AQM+

AQM+ brings together the best aspects of an integrated livestock enterprise with expertise, data and analysis throughout an animal’s lifecycle.

AQM+ has been created in partnership with AgriWebb the creator of the world's leading livestock enterprise management solution, managing over 20 million animals with the vision of empowering livestock farmers to move from more traditional methods of livestock rearing to help improve productivity, efficiency & profitability. AQM+ helps link the many of the aspects rearing, selling, and livestock improvement. We do this by helping AQM+ customers realising the potential of harnessing a livestock management platform and where necessary provision and advice on handling and weighing equipment on their farm through a mixture of on farm and online support, helping ensure that animals & records are kept efficiently and accurately.

One of many areas AQM+ really helps is ensuring that the data captured on the farm is actioned upon, this is done through the support and access to our experienced field staff who can look at real time data being captured on farm and using specialised data modelling and expertise we can help advise on the progression of the livestock and where needed provide specialist support to help livestock reach its potential. We understand that decisions do not end at the farm gate, farms using AQM+ will have their slaughter data uploaded onto their records so a whole life picture of individual animals can be obtained and reports on full productivity can be created ensuring that accurate performance and cost of production are part of a farms decision making process.

Farmers are facing a complex marketplace with an increasing focus on grazing management, reduction in the use of fertilisers and pesticides. AQM+ is an essential tool to help support individual farms manage their existing livestock enterprise and will help pinpoint cost of production, highlighting inefficiencies and help improve margins. AQM+ is also the ideal tool for those wanting to expand or even reintroduce livestock back into the farm with easy-to-use data capture and powerful insights all supported by AQM's expertise.


I am an existing livestock unit with no interest in expansion why should I consider using AQM+?

AQM+ will help provide you with the tools to take your livestock management online this will allow for full electronic management of your stock through a smartphone & web-based browser which will reduce the amount of paperwork you will need to keep and ensure that records are all kept in one place to help with any audits you may be subjected to. AQM will provide on farm support to ensure that the system is set up working as efficiently as possible for the individual.

Through using AQM+ we can provide more detailed support and monitoring of livestock to market your stock to target specific market requirements

I am an existing livestock unit looking to expand why should I use AQM+

AQM+ is ideal for any unit looking forward to expanding as its primary aim is to record data and allow this to be benchmarked and anyalised so better decisions can be made. Through AQM and AQM+ we can provide expertise into several different areas including the provision of stock, nutrition, management & handling and obviously selection and marketing of finished or breeding stock.

Using AQM+ the impact and risk of having additional stock can be minimised through improved efficiencies and additional support provided by the AQM+ team making sure that your investment has clear direction and solid data backing it.

I am an arable farmer or estate manager who want to reintroduce a livestock enterprise 

AQM+ can form a vital part of any enterprise, through the provision of transparency and oversight, livestock can be reintroduced and clearly monitored at all stages. AQM+ allows a shared approach to enterprises where either expansion or reintroduction of livestock is being considered as our team can work in conjunction with the staff on the ground to help ensure that all steps are being taken and correctly followed. By using AQM+ the data captured is monitored by our team, which then enable us to provide support online or in person to help the progression of the enterprise.

AQM+ encompasses over 50 years within the livestock industry and brings together all of our experience in helping farms successfully buy and sell livestock whilst working within the industry to provide expert advice on areas impacting production and working closely with the supply chain to obtain efficient and accurately sold livestock.

Benefits of AQM+

  • Manage your farm and livestock on your mobile or computer
  • Multiple users and devices can access your farm records
  • Being cloud based, you will never lose any records ever again
  • Software that works with you, allowing you to stay compliant and capture every livestock and field record on the go.
  • All your records under one roof, including birth, death, treatment records, and many more. Upload directly up to government database of choice.
  • Make decisions driven by data
  • Within seconds you can see a clear picture of your farming operation – allowing you to better understand inefficiencies and make vital decisions.
  • On Farm & Remote Assistance in setting up the system to suit your requirements. Create session templates to help maximise the system
  • Advice & Assistance for any further technology integration
  • Support managing livestock on system & monitoring performance
  • Provision of detailed reports.
  • Direct uploading of kill & financial data to your system allowing for more accurate cost of production figures, kill out % and performance*
  • Allows for integration & communication between the veterinary, nutrition and supply chain
  • Helps ease pressure when it comes to audits and compliance
  • Allows for better forecasting of stock to enable management of cash flow and efficient marketing of stock
  • Record and monitor cost of production
  • All updates to software
  • Priority to new features

* Only for stock sold through AQM+

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We chose to use AQM+ so we could record performance data to make sure the animals reach their full potential and to help monitor our grazing management.

Mike Morley & Tom Rouse, C M Morley & Partners

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