A simple app to eliminate farm paperwork and make better decisions.

Spend less time on paperwork so you can spend more time on things that really matter to you, and stay on top of your farm business and make better decisions by seeing the information that matters, when it matters.

  • No more evenings spent on paperwork.
  • Get the job done, fast.
  • Keep your farm records safe, forever.
  • Save time and hassle on farm compliance paperwork
  • Beef finishers can save hours on paperwork for Cross-Compliance and Farm Quality Assurance Schemes using the Herdwatch farm management app.

Herdwatch is fully approved by BCMS, APHIS and compliant with Red Tractor Quality Assurance scheme guidelines.

When an animal medicine treatment or pesticide application is recorded in the Herdwatch app then you are immediately compliant, no more paperwork.

Red Tractor and Cross-Compliance events can be recorded as they happen using the Herdwatch app, you don’t even need an internet connection, it works fully offline. Everything is then backed up the cloud when an internet connection is available. Herdwatch allows farmers to record treatments and dosing from the Crush.

What can I record in Herdwatch for Compliance?

  • Animal Medicine Treatments
  • Medicine Purchases
  • Medicine Stock Tracking
  • Feed Purchases
  • Sprays and Pesticide purchases
  • Sprays and Pesticide Use
learn how Herdwatch can assist you
A simple app to eliminate farm paperwork and make better decisions.

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