Livestock Marketing

Here at AQM we provide a highly personalised and knowledgeable livestock marketing service for your cattle, sheep, and pigs.
One of our skilled fieldsmen can visit the farm's stock to ensure that the right animals are sent to the best possible outlet.

We work with abattoirs across the country to move and place your stock as efficiently as possible, ensuring the welfare of the animals and that our customers receive the best possible return.

Who We Are

We provide specialised farm marketing services for your livestock. We have more than 50 years of experience in the livestock marketing industry and have the knowledge and skills to support the growth of all livestock producers.

Our livestock systems are designed to make sure that all stock is moved as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

With our assistance, you can relax knowing that all marketing tasks are being performed successfully. We will consult and communicate with you every step of the way.

What We Offer

We have built a reputation for excellent customer service and for offering knowledgeable support and advice when needed.

We provide a range of agricultural marketing services including replacement of stock, handling and logistics, security and farm monitoring and financial planning and advice.

In addition, our connection to experts in the wider farming industry has allowed us to help out our customers through all aspects of modern farming.

Finished stock 

  • All Cattle/Registered Angus Premiums/Cows/Stock Bulls
  • Pigs/Cull Sows/Boars
  • Lambs/Cull Ewes/Rams

Peace of Mind 

  • Our AQM bad debt insurance policy ensures that all stock is covered and that you will be paid in full for your stock
  • All payments are made quickly and directly put into your bank account
  • Efficient movement is managed and communicated so that you can organise your time
  • The use of our recommended haulers guarantees that high standards of biosecurity are upheld
  • Kill data is transmitted quickly
  • To help you maximise your livestock business, we can connect you with industry experts and facilitate any discussions

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