Livestock Sales

Deciding which livestock to bring into your farm is a complicated process that requires a number of factors to be considered. For instance, failure to properly consider the livestock’s background can increase the risk of disease. AQM has the experience to help source and provide the right type of animal to suit your specific circumstances and requirements.

We take the hassle out of buying and selling livestock, we handle the whole process for you! Save yourself time and energy by contacting us to list your livestock and reach a new audience you wouldn’t have reached before.

All animals we source are collected directly from the farm and delivered to the buyer, ensuring maximum biosecurity and significantly reducing the risk of disease, as well as maintaining high welfare standards during the transportation process.


Sell My Livestock

We cater to almost all livestock farmers, including a number of related services. Calves can be reared to order before purchase, and cattle can be kept, including groups of different sizes and breeds. We can also supply commercial and pedigree breeding stock. For breeding, replacement stock bulls can be bought and sold with no hassle. We also supply rams, lambs, breeding sheep, boars, weaners, and gilts. All types of replacement stock can be supplied with the hard work taken care of by us!


Full Livestock Services

At AQM, we aim to provide everything you need when dealing with livestock. In addition to the sourcing, purchasing, and delivery of livestock, we offer support to our customers in the form of advice and connections to wider industry experts. We can help with the marketing of livestock, the replacement of breeding or finishing stock, and much more.

Contact us today to get your livestock sales started! Alternatively, take a look at the livestock we currently have on offer and contact us for more information or to make a purchase.


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