Established in the UK in 1983, as part of the Royal Barenbrug Group, we specialise in grass variety breeding and production for UK agriculture. Recognised as one of the largest grass variety breeders and growers in the UK, we produce more than 4000 tonnes of UK grown, higher quality standard, grass seed for British farmers.

Barenbrug’s exclusive grass varieties are designed for UK farming. Varieties for healthier and more productive livestock, increased yield, tougher and greener coverage, drought tolerance and disease resistance, and environmental benefits. 

Looking to increase the productivity of your grassland? Increased yields, fewer inputs, increased biodiversity and soil health? Make the most of our sustainable and beneficial products and Grow Your Future with grass. 

Good quality grazed grassland is the cheapest feed for your livestock and is the base upon which profitable farming is built. Over 70% of utilisable agricultural land in the UK is grassland, with nearly 57% given over as permanent pasture. The UK has the ideal climate for growing grass. Ryegrass grows best at between 5°C to 25°C – and most of the UK is between these temperatures 95% of the time. Like all crops, growing grass requires careful management to maximise yields and utilisation.

Sustain your farm’s resilience by maximising your grassland. Find out more about the value of grass.

Proudly supporting British farmers.

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