CXCS, the industry leading advisors for over 1500 farms across England and Wales. With the most experienced team in the business, CXCS offers farmers the peace of mind and comforting knowledge that their documents will be handled and processed accurately and efficiently.

Providing support is paramount for today’s world of paperwork and inspections within the agriculture industry and CXCS provide just that, with meticulous paperwork and utmost professionalism at the inspections they attend on your behalf. Their specialist team of qualified staff offer clients advice and reassurance when they need it most.

CXCS was established in 2009 by its Chairman Charles Mayson.  This national, ever-growing company has around 25 staff members across its five departments. We attend inspections throughout England and Wales and have a client base of approximately 2000 businesses. With the most experienced team in the sector, CXCS offers farmers and business owners the peace of mind and comforting knowledge that their documents will be handled and processed accurately and efficiently, in preparation for any inspection that may occur.

  • Cross Compliance  

All of our clients who take up this service receive at least an annual visit to complete and update all the NVZ documentation for their farm. Clients have peace of mind that if they are to receive any RPA full cross compliance or Environment Agency inspection, a member of our experienced team will attend the inspection for them, at no additional cost, no matter when or where the inspection is. We also pride ourselves in providing free confidential advice to our clients, on wide ranging environmental and cross compliance issues at any time throughout the year. 

  • Basic Payment

Our dedicated team of BPS experts have years of experience in processing applications for clients in both England and Wales, and are prepared for dealing with Rural Payments Agency queries, even after the application has been submitted. Our pricing is very competitive and even cheaper for clients who use our other services too.

  • Farm Assurance 

Farm Assurance paperwork is a growing service for CXCS. Much like the Cross-Compliance service, we provide our Farm Assurance clients with a bespoke ring binder full of all the required documentation needed for them to pass their Farm Assurance audits. We cover all of the major Red Tractor schemes, including FAWL for our Welsh clients, plus LEAF and Global GAP. Advice on all matters relating to the Farm Assurance schemes, is available via telephone, email, and during our annual visits, when we help you complete all of the records required. Pre-audit checks, including physical checks of the farmyard/parlour, are also available on request.

  • Health & Safety

CXCS offers a Health & Safety Risk Management service across all sectors; CXCS Farm Safety, and Business Safety Solutions. 

Both sub-services provide clients with a hands-on approach to help them manage their Health & Safety responsibilities, and ultimately encourage them to create a safer place to work, for them and their employees. As a company we are passionate about helping our clients return home safe every day. 

On our first visit we will conduct an in-depth investigation of your farm to understand the tasks you undertake and the environment you are working in. This will result in the production of a detailed risk assessment which will identify the risks, any mitigating measures in place and the difference between what is in place and the legal requirements. This will be reviewed and agreed with you at a second, shorter visit. The output from this is a prioritised action plan with proposed solutions to start you on the path to a safer working environment and compliance. You will then be able to carry out the actions or request our assistance to complete them. We will visit on a regular basis, speak to your staff and monitor progress. Our aim is to provide pragmatic solutions and not bury you in paper.

  • HR

CXCS Farm & Business Safety is soon to encompass our brand-new service; a HR service across all sectors. We are excited to announce the launch of this service in the New Year of 2020, which we will be offering to both new and existing clients alike. The service will include 3 tiers, a Bronze, Silver or Gold package, with something to suit a variety of needs and budgets.


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