Peritus Energy and Water

Has your business ever had issues with energy or water retailers? We are here to help.

Peritus provides commercial energy and water management services. These include investigating and validating billing, sourcing best prices and dealing with issues or problems faced by clients. Often, clients don’t know their position or how things can be improved, or where to turn for advice.

We take the time to fully explore, analyse and examine: effectively a health check. Sometimes, its surprising what we find. And, of course, unless we look, we can’t find.

Even with our combined experience of 30+ years, the number and scale of retailers’ mistakes still surprises us. We always pursue retailers for appropriate refunds and ask for a share once the credit has been made. Effectively, we are paid on a success fee basis with nothing to pay up front.

Because of our in-depth understanding and meticulous research we have been 100% successful in winning claims against retailers on our clients’ behalf. Over 30+ years, that’s some record.

We are obsessed about conserving resources, reducing waste and protecting our clients.

Our energy and water procurement quotes source the most competitive supply quotations from a panel of (currently) 29 retailers. The winning retailer pays our fees. You can be assured of our Independence: we work for you, not retailers.

Why not fill in an enquiry form and have Peritus complete a free audit on your farms Energy & Water billing to see if they can help reduce your costs

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