Tru-Test Datamars

We provide the platform and tools for you to better manage your farm and livestock. Our products work with each other, but most importantly – they work with you. Datamars Livestock has more than 50 years experience in supporting the every day requirements of livestock farming. We work alongside farmers to develop award-winning innovative technologies that stand the test of time as they apply them to the real nitty-gritty, day-to-day.

Tru-Test EID Panel XRP2 Reader
EID reader for installation with optional panel sizes
£1,333.00 - £1,781.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i Weigh scale
Entry level EID compatible weigh scale with Bluetooth® technology. Efficiently record and track individual weight gain to help you manage your operation with greater certainty and profitability.
£1,006.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test HD5T Load Bars
The Beast Of All Load Bars
£1,432.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test ID5000 Weigh scale indicator
£1,761.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test MP600 Load bars
Tru-Test MP600 Load bars
£993.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test S3 Weigh scale indicator
An easy to use Weigh Scale Indicator that’s rugged, waterproof and fully portable. The high contrast display is clearly visible on the brightest day and the LED backlit screen ensures visibility in failing light or dark sheds
Tru-Test SRS2 Stick Reader
Keep track of individual animals with the easy-to-use, ergonomically designed SRS2 EID Stick Reader.
£671.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test XRS2 EID Stick Reader
Features an alphanumeric keypad to capture, view and enter individual animal information to backup your critical health, mating and culling decisions.
£1,078.00 (Ex VAT)

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