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Reduce costs & increase knowledge with AQM Connect.

Why AQM Connect

For 60 years, AQM has been at the forefront of modern livestock farming, keeping our members up-to-date with new innovations within livestock farming, encouraging collaboration, information-sharing and community, to build a fantastic network of brilliant minds. 

AQM Connect is a new subscription service, developed to bring the best of what we’ve been doing since 1964 into a modern format for our members, reinventing the livestock co-operative for the next 60 years. 

AQM Connect is here to support livestock farmers with the challenges they face every day.  

With innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing at the forefront of new offering, AQM Connect is your new best friend, always available with advice, exclusive discounts, and even training events to keep you and your farm running efficiently and profitably, now – and into the future. 

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+ VAT per month for a 12-month agreement via direct debit

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A supported technical livestock management package.

Why AQM+

AQM+ is a premium service which is focused on 3 pillars, precision, performance, and profit. A unique package combining the advantages of using a livestock software platform with the support of our team, ensuring maximum return on investment. 

The AQM team will help set up the software and provide full training as well as ongoing support when required. Once the software is up and running and we can integrate with other systems on the farm or provide advice on ones that would be suited to help make life even easier! The data collected through these systems, coupled with the decades of experience of the AQM team, will ensure that the best deals are always achieved for the stock. It aids with performance benchmarking, feed conversion, medical records and recording slaughter data, to name just a few. As an extra pair of eyes and support network to the farm, the AQM team can also spot any potential challenges sooner and work with customers and wider industry experts to deal with them before they become a big issue. AQM+ customers will also receive all of the benefits from AQM Connect.

   AQM Connect and Plus Literature


+ VAT per month for a 12-month agreement via direct debit

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What Are The Differences?

Not sure what's right for you?

AQM Connect and AQM+ are two subscription services designed to support livestock producers.

AQM Connect is a broader subscription service offering advice, discounts, and training events, whilst AQM+ is a comprehensive technical management package that tailors solutions to individual farms. See how they compare:


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