Livestock Management

Technology and products to showcase ones that we feel are worth a look at to help you with your livestock.

Professional Double Row Slapper
Professional Double Row Slapper
£59.00 (Ex VAT)
Professional Pig Slapper Kit
Professional Pig Slapper Kit
£85.00 (Ex VAT)
Pyon Heatwave Milk Warmer
The Heatwave Milk Warmer™ uses heat exchange technology to heat milk on demand. Suitable for feeding lambs, calves and goats.
£550.00 (Ex VAT)
Replacement Slapper Ink Box
Replacement Slapper Ink Box
£23.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Beef Monitor
£7,273.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Beef Monitor Solar Panel Kit
£1,431.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Combi Clamp
£900.00 - £5,768.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Stock Cube
£POA - £6,750.00 (Ex VAT)
Ruumi Sign up
Free of charge sign up to register for sustainable grazing support
Shearwell EID Weigh Crate
£6,429.50 - £6,710.00 (Ex VAT)
Shearwell SDL440 Stick Reader
The Shearwell SDL440 Stick Reader is a great option for those wanting to record EID data without the requirement for full Animal Management
£595.00 - £890.00 (Ex VAT)
Slapper Tattoo Ink
Slapper Tattoo Ink - Food Grade
£21.00 (Ex VAT)
Sow Slapper and Pad
Sow Slapper and Pad
£79.00 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw
Keeping a bank of frozen colostrum is an efficient way to make sure every calf gets a good start in life
£1,265.00 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw Colostrum Bags
Store & Thaw Colostrum Bags
£60.00 - £240.00 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw Filling Station
Store & Thaw Filling Station
£19.96 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw Starter kit
Store & Thaw Starter kit to get you up and running with the Store & Thaw system
£150.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test EID Panel XRP2 Reader
EID reader for installation with optional panel sizes
£1,333.00 - £1,781.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i Weigh scale
Entry level EID compatible weigh scale with Bluetooth® technology. Efficiently record and track individual weight gain to help you manage your operation with greater certainty and profitability.
£1,006.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test HD5T Load Bars
The Beast Of All Load Bars
£1,432.00 (Ex VAT)

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