Livestock Management

Technology and products to showcase ones that we feel are worth a look at to help you with your livestock.

Ritchie Beef Monitor
£7,273.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Beef Monitor Solar Panel Kit
£1,431.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Combi Clamp
£900.00 - £5,768.00 (Ex VAT)
Ritchie Stock Cube
£POA - £6,750.00 (Ex VAT)
Ruumi Sign up
Free of charge sign up to register for sustainable grazing support
Shearwell Automatic Drafting Crate
Shearwell EID Weigh Crate
£6,429.50 - £6,710.00 (Ex VAT)
Shearwell SDL440 Stick Reader
The Shearwell SDL440 Stick Reader is a great option for those wanting to record EID data without the requirement for full Animal Management
£595.00 - £890.00 (Ex VAT)
Slapper Tattoo Ink
Slapper Tattoo Ink - Food Grade
£21.00 (Ex VAT)
Sow Slapper and Pad
Sow Slapper and Pad
£79.00 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw
Keeping a bank of frozen colostrum is an efficient way to make sure every calf gets a good start in life
£1,265.00 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw Colostrum Bags
Store & Thaw Colostrum Bags
£60.00 - £240.00 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw Filling Station
Store & Thaw Filling Station
£19.96 (Ex VAT)
Store & Thaw Starter kit
Store & Thaw Starter kit to get you up and running with the Store & Thaw system
£150.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test EID Panel XRP2 Reader
EID reader for installation with optional panel sizes
£1,333.00 - £1,781.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i Weigh scale
Entry level EID compatible weigh scale with Bluetooth® technology. Efficiently record and track individual weight gain to help you manage your operation with greater certainty and profitability.
£1,006.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test HD5T Load Bars
The Beast Of All Load Bars
£1,432.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test ID5000 Weigh scale indicator
£1,761.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test MP600 Load bars
Tru-Test MP600 Load bars
£993.00 (Ex VAT)
Tru-Test S3 Weigh scale indicator
An easy to use Weigh Scale Indicator that’s rugged, waterproof and fully portable. The high contrast display is clearly visible on the brightest day and the LED backlit screen ensures visibility in failing light or dark sheds

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