Shearwell Data

We are a family run business who are committed to supporting British Livestock Farmers. Based on a working farm on Exmoor, we test and use all the Shearwell products and systems. EID and visual tags still form a core part of our business, but over the years our operation has expanded to address the many ways farmers can benefit from accurate and permanent livestock identification. From Stick Readers to Apps and from Farm Management Software to weighing and drafting systems, Shearwell has pioneered new ways of exploiting the potential in accurately identifying each animal in your flock or herd.

Shearwell EID Weigh Crate
£6,429.50 - £6,710.00 (Ex VAT)
Shearwell SDL440 Stick Reader
The Shearwell SDL440 Stick Reader is a great option for those wanting to record EID data without the requirement for full Animal Management
£595.00 - £890.00 (Ex VAT)

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